Payday Loan Tips

Payday Loan Tips

Payday Loans are easy to get loans, as long as the lender is able to know your pay stub, and accordingly get a post dated check issued by you. This check maybe dated a month after the date of release of the loan, or even for a later period. Payday loans are excellent when you are facing sudden cash crunches but on the temporary basis. These kinds of loans are not advisable for inexperienced borrowers, who have very little control over their cash flows. The main disadvantage of this kind of loan is that there are many chances of the loan getting out of control. These loans may seem to be affordable at a certain point of time but may become a large amount in a few months. Therefore, we are required to take certain factors into consideration, before opting for a payday loan.

1. The amount that we, borrowers, receive is much lower than the amount that is written on the backside of the check. Finance charges are also deducted, from the amount of loan, as per the terms and conditions that have been agreed. We are required to write a check, of the amount plus the financial charges, failure to which we will be required to pay a higher rate of financial charges.

2. We may have more funds in our accounts, to cover the amount of check. In case the amount of the loan becomes due, but we are not in a position to repay the loan, we are provided other options by the lender. We may be suggested to renew our loan amount or make consideration of a new loan amount. This new loan will have separate financial charges as well as extra late fees, all adding up to a new amount.

3. We know that these kinds of loans are especially suitable when we are experiencing cash crunches. This clearly states that we are expected to repay the loan as soon as we are in a better financial position. However, a trend has been observed to get the loan “roll over”, resulting in the ultimate amount to blow up to a huge proportion. This creates an undue pressure on us, to repay a much larger amount.

4. These loans are designed in such a manner that they become accessible to the lower income borrowers, who are not usually able to borrow money from other sources. The fact that is to be taken into account is that the lender does not consider the financial position of the borrower in such circumstances.

5. There are many payday loan sites that are known to be making an automatic rollover of the loan. Other sites have contractual agreements with the borrowers that state that the borrower has no right to file for bankruptcy, or any kind of suit against the lender.

6. Payday loans are considered to be the last option for us when we do not have any other source from which money can be received. These loans are easily available, without any kinds of hassles relating to approval, and thus are very tempting for the borrowers.

Whenever we desire to make a loan, we should be well informed about the risks involved in the loan, about the different rates of the loan, and also about the fees that will be covered in the loan.

We can say that the Payday loans are attractive solutions, to solve all our money lending problems, but any hasty and hurried decision can land us in much more trouble. It can put us in the vicious circle of debt. It is always good to ensure that we have enough funds to repay the debt, when the opportunity arises.

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